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It is our mission to build and manage a portfolio of companies which deliver world-class services and products. People like to do business with us. Our employees like to work for us and our community is proud to have us as a member.


Anderson Media Corporation is a family-owned business operating innovative consumer product and services businesses. We invest our corporate capital in businesses that leverage our extensive customer relations and technologies. We have been an innovator in e-commerce of magazine subscriptions and digital music content. The Andersons have a track record of successfully acquiring and operating businesses, including two IPO’s, Hibbett’s Sporting Goods and Books-a-Million. Anderson Media continues today as a leading distributor of consumer products, a publisher of popular chart-topping music, and a manufacturer of retail display fixtures. Our digital business provides consumers with access to music and magazine subscriptions.


In 1917, Clyde Anderson founded a small newstand. Over the course of a century, Clyde, his children, and his grandchildren helped the original business evolve into a family of businesses across multiple industries. Anderson Media Corporation represents one branch of the Anderson family tree of companies operated by Clyde Anderson’s descendants. The Anderson family continues a strong tradition of working together to exchange best practices and identifying opportunities to work in synergy with one another. These efforts allow Anderson Media, its affiliated businesses, and the other businesses associated with the Anderson family of companies to provide efficient and effective customer service based on our combined years of experience.