Letter From The President

Mon, 2012-08-06 16:14 -- admin

Founded in 1917, the Anderson family of companies is proud of its nearly century-long legacy of building our companies and improving the quality of life of the communities. We operate innovative consumer products and services businesses that are owned by members of the Anderson family. These businesses have delivered unmatched customer satisfaction. Through these satisfied customers, we have grown annual revenues from $25 million in 1977 to billions annually. Individuals, who act like owners, manage our businesses, using the basic principles of integrity and fairness to guide our daily business operations.

At Anderson Media Corporation, we actively manage our corporate capital, looking for profitable ways to invest in our existing and new businesses. We are continually looking for additional companies to add to our core business. We seek opportunities to employ our capital in established companies with experienced management. We are looking for profitable consumer products and services companies where we can leverage our customer relations capabilities, technologies and processes to help grow them to the next level. Unlike private equity, we do not require a predetermined exit strategy, and we believe in operating a business with long-term objectives.

Based on our decades of success, I think we make a great partner. If your company falls into Anderson Media Corporation’s investment strategy and philosophy, please call me.




Charlie Anderson