Investment Strategies

Mon, 2012-08-06 16:36 -- admin

Anderson Media Corp looks to acquire established, well-managed, profitable consumer products and services businesses. Anderson leverages the extensive experience of its leadership team, business relationships, proven processes and technologies to capture each company’s full potential.

As an example, Anderson acquired the predecessor to Anderson Merchandisers. We immediately identified that the existing business strategy was not adequately aligned with its customers’ entertainment product needs. We implemented a strategy that included cost-effective distribution services and eye-catching in-store merchandising for music, movie and book products. Utilizing services such as in-store events and demonstrations, and other point of purchase promotions, we have been able to keep branded entertainment products front and center with America’s shoppers. Today, Anderson’s customers are recognized leaders in the marketing of entertainment products.

What Anderson Media Corporation seeks in a company:

  • Potential – Sizable and high-growth market 
  • Vision – Solid business plans and models supported by historical cash flows 
  • People – Strong, knowledgeable, and engaged management teams
  • Values – Compatible with the Anderson family of businesses

What Anderson Media Corporation brings to a company:

  • Capital – We look to invest a minimum of $25 million based on multiples of trailing earnings and growth rates
  • Creativity and Innovation – New and exciting consumer products and services
  • Technological Support – Real-time analytics and reporting